martedì 3 giugno 2014

More gorgeous pics from Taschen

More stills from the upcoming Taschen's “The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2OO1: A Space Odyssey”, (check out the full sets at BuzzFeed & (Copyrights: Getty Images / Olivier Rennert / Stanley Kubrick Archives / TASCHEN / Via 2014 Turner Entertainment Co.) 

Kubrick peeks out from a hatch in the Discovery Set.

Artist Oliver Rennert was commissioned several artworks for the book; here's one demonstrating how the interior sets for the Discovery would fit in to the habitation sphere if the ship were constructed at full scale.

Stanley Kubrick directs William Sylvester in the monolith excavation scene. On the right, director of photography Geoffrey Unsworth.

In 1965, Roy Carnon became one of the members of the team responsible for producing concept drawings, sketches and paintings for 2001: A Space Odyssey. His official designation was 'scientific design specialist and visual concept artist'. For this he was responsible for visualising space craft, film sets and the iconic 'wheel' space station, that in his rendering is almost indistinguishable from the final product. Here's my article about him.

The monolith excavation set in a nice panoramic view from above.

The Aries shuttle set under construction.

The large Discovery model under construction. Those rings, and the 'wireframe', were part of the original design, and were later discarded by Kubrick.

The famous Hotel Room scene. (Is the crew trying to devise a set-up to hide the camera on Keir Dullea's helmet?)....

A beautiful view of Kubrick and the crew shooting the Hotel Room sequence. Keir Dullea is sitting on a chair, in a scene cut from the final edit (he was supposed to rest for a while after his incredible experience - Also, look at the cooling unit! The room was very hot because of the lighting system and also because the scenes were shot in June-July 1966).

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  1. Hi Simone
    First of all congratulations for your great blog.
    But now a have a question for you that jaunted me since 4 years ago I took the bus between Fiumicino and Roma and in one of the turns along the way I spot for a second what looks like a 1:2 scale model of the Discovery spacecraft. I tried to find any information about it without any luck. You know something about it? Was my imagination?

    Cristian Lorca

    1. Thanks for the nice words Cristian.
      I guess you're referring to this sculpture:
      as far as I know, it was once a carnival float - there are several others in the same area.

  2. Hi - I just finished reading "Space Odyssey" by Michael Benson and Both you and he made note of the piped in air conditioning. I'm not sure if that was a novel idea back in 1967 but I can tell you that it was present in at least half the movie sets I was on from 1997 to 2010. Companies offer an industrial air conditioner on a trailer that can be rented along with the flexible "Slinky" tubes that allow you to pump air right up to the set from 50 to 100 feet away. The set shown in the picture had all the lights under the floor and the rising heat would have been unbearable without some cooling. It also caused the bulbs to explode from time to time. But people looking at the picture assume that piping in air conditioning was indicative of the extremities of this production, but in reality is a standard piece of equipment, especially on location.