mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Off to Leicester for the Kubrick Retrospective

From May 11 to 13 the De Montfort University in Leicester (UK) will host "Stanley Kubrick: A Retrospective" (‪#‎KubrickDMU‬ on Twitter and Facebook), a conference about the director and his works that will feature keynotes from Jan Harlan (Kubrick’s brother-in-law), Professor Robert P.Kolker, Professor Nathan Abrams, and Peter Krämer.

The University has received more than 30 proposals to its call for papers, and on May 13th at 14:30h yours truly will give a twenty-minutes presentation titled "God, it'll be hard topping the H-bomb" : fragments of Kubrickiana in the path from Strangelove to 2001". Wish me good luck!

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