venerdì 13 marzo 2015

" of the most incredible pieces of iconic motion picture memorabilia ever offered"

The original model for the Aries 1B lunar shuttle from '2001' has been put on sale on - and the starting price is a 'mere' $10,000. It comes from an English collector who originally obtained this remarkable treasure in 1975. It was long believed that the most of the models had been destroyed...

The model is approx 32" high, 27" wide, 28" deep (81 cm. x 68 cm. x 71 cm.) and a diameter of 94" (238 cm.) It includes the original special effects side bars that fitted into two of the secondary thruster slots, and lowered the craft to the platform for landing, and was matted out in post production.

The hydraulics and tubes that created the billowing moon dust from the engines and the mechanics to operate the landing gear have been removed.

You can can browse a large collection of making-of stills, including pictures of the Aries 1B, on Douglas Trumbull's website