Why 2001italia?

Why does anyone have a blog or a passion for something? In my case, I remember being completely overwhelmed by 2001: A Space Odyssey the first time I saw it (in the year 1983, I was 9 and glued in front of the TV when it was broadcasted for the first time in Italy). I cried when Poole was killed by Hal and when Hal himself got disconnected by Bowman (yes, I've always been a bit of a crybaby).

As soon as the teacher (in 4th grade) gave us an assignment on our favorite movie, I immediately wrote the first of many essays about it. I remember I also got a D, that made my mother utter the immortal phrase "Well, so much for your pièce de résistance!".

So I guessed I had to try harder - and basically I'm still re-writing that paper today, as a blog, thirty years later.

* * *

Rising from the ashes of my former web site, a naïve attempt made in the late '90s, 2001italia intends to focus on original perspectives about the movie, with the main intention of celebrating the craft of the talented people whose contribution to the movie is neglected, forgotten or otherwise limited in general recognition.

I feel that despite the large production of books related to Kubrick and the movie in recent years, dedicated bloggers still have something significant to say, with the freedom from burocratic bonds granted by the internet. Therefore, here you won't find analysis of the "meaning" of the movie, but informations otherwise impossible to find on the internet.

So, enjoy your stay, drop me a line if you feel like, and remember that all kind of contributions are welcome.

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