venerdì 30 agosto 2013

Judy Keirn confirms she played 'passport girl' in '2001'

Well, after some more digging, I found out that one of my sources was wrong about one of the characters in this previous post.

I managed to disturb Mrs. Judy Keirn in her house in California and she very kindly (she was also very surprised to be called by a guy from Italy about such a thing!) confirmed that she actually played THIS girl...

as you can see her in a recent picture of Mrs.Keirn snapped during a reunion of the Broadway musical Bye Bye, Birdie she took part in, back in 1960:

Mr.Keirn confirmed therefore that she was NOT this girl.... she didn't take part in any promotional photo shooting. It means that the book Science fiction and space futures – past and present, Volume 5 was correct in the caption but wrong in putting that girl's picture (sorry about the quality of the pic, I snapped it quickly with my S3; the name Judy Keirn appears the end):

Now, some more info Mrs.Keirn kindly gave me: that very understandably remembers little about 2001, because it was only a two-days thing in London in December 1965. She got the job through audition and she already lived there. She didn't imagine it would turn out to be such an important movie, and met Stanley Kubrick during the shoot, but very briefly, so she doesn't have a specific memory about him.

If Judith is reading that (I gave her the link of my blog and she wished me the best of luck), thank you very much, once again. At least we now know the names of the three woman who actually spoke some lines of dialogue in our favourite movie: Mrs. Maggie D'Abo, Mrs. Chela Matthison, Mrs. Judy Keirn.

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  1. The short 2001: A Space Odyssey -- A Look Behind the Future has a great shot of Judy Keirn modeling and dancing at the 15:54 mark:

    1. I actually think it's not Judy but Maggie London (D'Abo)